As we all know, the present situation caused by the untimely COVD-19 may possibly affect the normal
course for Pesach preparations, at production, distribution, wholesale and retail levels.
These unknown and unforeseen possibilities will probably affect two major components that our
services depend on:


1. The supply chain may be altered/ interrupted or disrupted at any given time without warning, causing
a shortage of products and distribution selectivity.


2. Distribution channels may face a supply/demand bottleneck caused by the above situation
compounded by the fact that Pesach is obviously a time-sensitive event, demanding both, strict timing
delivery and a unique line of irreplaceable products.


In light of the above, has decided to implement policies and guidelines that
hopefully will make out of this unique situation more manageable and fair for all us.
In all fairness, I hope is taking the right decision in order to serve all our supporters,
loyal customers, benefactors and occasional customers with the most dedicated service and respect they deserve.

Wishing you a healthy kosher Pesach V’ Samech
Yitzchak H. Jalusi