Customers Prefered Item

1 Case of Chicken Leg 1/4 of 35 Lbs (avg)

Sold by case of (avg) 35 Lb

12 tray packs per case

Price per Lb: $ 2.99


1 case Fresh Chilean Salmon 35 Lbs $ 6.99 LB

Box of (average) 35.00 Lb

10 Fillet per box (average)

Price per Lb $ 6.99


1 Case Fresh Chilean Salmon 10 lbs $ 7.99 LB

Box of (average) 10.00 Lb

3 Fillet per box

Price per Lb $ 7.99


1 case of chicken Cut in 1/8 of 35 Lb (avg)

Case of chicken cut in 1/8 

12 trays per case

$ 2.99 per LB


1 Case of Pargiot 30 LB Average

1 Pack of Pargyot

of 30.00 Lbs (average)

Price per Lb $ 6.90


Aaron's Classic Frankfurter's

Aaron's Classic Franks 12 oz 

Sols by the case of 12 packs 


Adopt A Family Now!

Adopting a Family means that your tzedaka goes exclusively to a family that applied for our FREE food program.

In return, Kosherbudget.org will issue vouchers that will be given to that family to exchange for FREE food on the kosherbudget.org website

Additionally, you will receive a detailed information about the family you are helping.

This is one of the highest levels of tzedaka, as the Rambam teaches:

"The second from the highest level of charity is to give to the poor without knowing to whom one gives, and without the recipient knowing from who he received.

for this is performing a mitzvah solely for the sake of Heaven..."      -Rambam * levels of Tzedakah


Thank you for your support!


$36.00 - $770.00
Elite Strawberry Bazooka Gum Bag 6.34 OZ


Sold by box of

24 bags of

6.34 oz each


Gefen Semi Sweet chocolate Chips

Bag of Gefen Semi sweet chocolate chips 9 Oz

Sols by case of 24 bags of Gefen semi sweet chocolate chips of 9 oz / Ea.

Parve Product

Gefilte Fish Gluten Free or Regular

Sold by the box of

12 loaves of 22oz ea


ground meat lubavitch pack of 10 Lbs

1 pack of 10 Lbs

Lubavitch Ground Meat 

Price per lb $ 4.99


ground meat lubavitch pack of 10 Lbs

1 pack of 10 Lbs

Lubavitch Ground Meat 

Price per lb $ 4.99


Schtark Shredded Cheese 2LB /3 Varieties

Sold by Case of

10 Bags of 2 LB / Ea.