Free Food Application Form

If you consider that your family is in need of free food assistance please fiil up the following form, 

After our consideration, and if approved, you will receive a voucher(s) to exchange for food. reserves the right to, at its own discretion, grant assistance based on funds availability.

Voucher system may be discontinued and or modified at any time without notice. uses the following eligibility criteria:



The Income Limit requirements for our free food assistance is based on the Public Housing & Development Community of Miami-Dade, FL determination for eligibility based on income for a family size of 6.

The monthly expense allocation ratio is based on a budget for a family size of 6, which is adjusted accordingly. The following are the sources used to determine the average family budget per category:

Monthly Housing Expenses: 2018 U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) 


Monthly Tuition Expenses: National Center Education Statistics with a discount applied for Stepup For Students, Florida State Grant 

Monthly Food Budget: USDA 2018 Family Food Budget for Family size of 6


Monthly Transportation Expenses: CNT Center for Neighborhood Technology 2018 Family National Monthly  Average Driving Cost


Monthly General Utility Expenses: Economic Policy Institute (EPI) 2018 Family Budget for Miami Dade, FL 


Monthly Medical Expenses

Economic Policy Institute (EPI) 2018 Family Budget for Miami-Dade, FL 


Average Monthly Debt Repayment: Economic Policy Institute (EPI) 2018 Family Budget  for Miami Dade, FL 


Miscellaneous Expenses: Economic Policy Institute (EPI) 2018 Family Budget for Miami-Dade, FL


What is your marital status?:
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How much is your family's monthly insurance and medical expenses?:
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