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Q. How big is the product selection of kosherbudget.org?. kosherbudget.org selection grows literally on a daily basis, currently, we carry a combination of over 200 products.

Q. Are all the items on koshernudget.org website kosher? All the items carry kosher certification, though some may or may not be acceptable to you, depending on your level of kashrut. We carry only Glatt Kosher meats. If you have a question about a specific product, please contact your local Va'ad or Kashrut Authority.

Q. How can these products be so cheap? We buy and sell only in bulk which yields to lower prices. Additionally, we try to keep our overhead extremely low so we can pass the savings to you. We still have a certain amount of overhead--delivery charges, fuel surcharges, freezer rental space, website development, check cashing fees, labor hired on the delivery date, administration and back office etc. To cover this, we add a small mark up.

Q. How do I know how much I will pay for a weighted case (of chicken for example)  the weight listed for meat/ poultry and fish product are approximate. You will billed for the actual weight shipped, In general, the weight listed is within 25% accuracy, (often much more accurate}. You only pay for the actual weight shipped. If you paid online, your payment will automatically be adjusted right on time of delivery. If you paid with a physical check, we will ask that you mail us a check for the difference or if we owe you money, we will give you a choice of a credit on your account or a check that we mail to you. We are sorry for this complication, but this is the nature of this type of product and is necessary if you would like to purchase our variable weight products.

Q. Are all dairy products Chalav Yisrael? yes, however, we are not responsible for kashrus at any level, please check your product kashrus details before buying.

Q. I want a specific product, can you get it? Yes most of the time, please ask us and we can see if we can obtain the product you are looking for.

Q. Are prices guaranteed? Prices constantly fluctuate, energy cost is a great influential factor in this issue. we absorb real-time price changes which due to our low mark-up margin, these changes are reflected immediately in our website, always check the prices before buying.

Order Logistics

Q. How does paying online work and is it secure?

Kosherbudget.org aquired its own secure SSL certificate for payments - this will show (1) the http in the browser changes to https and (2) a padlock will appear in the lower right of your browser window (this will vary depending on the browser). This is 128 bit or 256 bit encryption (also browser dependent)--either of which is computationally unfeasible to crack. We also have an additional layer of security that most websites do not by encrypting financial information in our database.

Online Credit Card - Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX. We do not store credit card information in any fashion in our database. Credit card payments are immediately submitted to the Payment Gateway and we receive a unique Transaction ID that we can use to reference that payment in the future.

Online Check Payment - We are in the process of accepting Online Check Payments, this form of payment is very similar of receiving a check from you, except that the amount we debit your account will be the amount of what is actually delivered. We submit your check information to our bank shortly after delivery and it goes through the 7-10 day clearing process before it posts to your account. After the check is cleared, you will have an image of your check available just like any physical check (assuming your bank makes images of your checks available to you). After you submit your check information, you should document it in your register and then rip up that check.

Mailed Check - We will deposit the check and then settle up any differences with you after delivery (such as a credit or amount due). Physically mailed checks may be deposited immediately upon receipt by KB or may be held until after the delivery. 


Q. Can I split my order with someone else?

Absolutely! You can arrange a split on your own or you can use the Remember that the person who places the order is responsible for paying for and picking up that order.

Please make it a habit when you are shopping to also check to arrange splits with friends and family, this benefits everyone.

Q. How much is delivery? Currently, the delivery fee is a flet fee of $ 10.00  for any order within the tri-county area of Miami-Dade / Broward and South Palm Beach. However this fee can change without notice.

Q. Once I place an order, can I change it? NOYou cannot cancel or change an order once you have sent in your payment, but if you have not yet sent payment, you can cancel the order.

Q. I received my items and something is wrong or damaged, what do I do? Call at time of delivery, immediately, with the problem so we can work it out.

Q. How do I get my money back if certain items from my order do not arrive (an item is out of stock)?. You will NEVER be charged for items that weren't shipped.

Q. I need a lot of food soon, is there some way I can get a special delivery?. We have a minimum required order from our distributor. If you happen to require a particularly large quantity (well over a thousand pounds), we will try to arrange for a special delivery.

Q. How many food deliveries are there per week?  Delivery frequency varies by location. Some cities only have one delivery per week while other cities have more, we will increase delivery frequency based on orders placed.

Q. How do I pay?

A. After ensuring you've placed an order, simply click the at the top of the page. This gives the options for check, credit card, or mailed payments, checks option payment requires KB approval

Q. Can I see my order history? Yes, if you have placed orders previously you can see those orders simply by login to your account

Q. I received meat with a date stamped on it that has already passed.A. There is a date stamped on the meat is a "use or freeze by" date. Any frozen meat the warehouse put in their deep freezer well before the freeze date--red meat should be good for at least 10 months after that date and poultry should be good for at least 8 months. It is rare that we ship poultry with a freeze date that has passed, so if you have received frozen poultry with a passed date, please so we can verify the product is acceptable.

Delivery Logistics

Q. How will I be notified of the delivery? There will be a reminder email a few days before the delivery. As circumstances may arise that we cannot control (eg: delivery truck breaks down), you will be notified as soon as possible, usually, there is a window of 4 hours for delivery.  Kosherbudget.org  delivery Hotline in the process to be set up.: 

Q. Something came up and I will not be able to be at home to receive the items. Can I arrange a different time? Unfortunately, for now, we must request that you find an alternate person to receive your items. You will need to email us that alternate person’s name or be available on the phone for us to call to verify the person is authorized to receive the items for you. 

Q. It is difficult for me to load/unload boxes, can you bring them into my house? NO. Unfortunately, our drivers are not allowed to walk into clients property, the driver will be happy to unload the goods and place at your doorstep.


Q. Do you accept returns? The customer is responsible to check the quality of the delivered product. We can be contacted immediately upon delivery to resolve quality issues.If resolved, the driver will take the item back and we will refund the money paid for such item(s) We are unable to resolve quality issues raised at any other time after the truck leaves.



Q. How do I contact you. Please use the which will send your question to us via email at info@kosherbudget.org We check email frequently.


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